อินเตอร์แอคทีไวท์บอร์ดแบบโต้ตอบขนาด 95 นิ้ว ไวด์สกรีนกรอบโลหะอินฟราเรด

อินเตอร์แอคทีไวท์บอร์ดแบบโต้ตอบ 95 นิ้ว ไวด​​์สกรีน 16: 9 กรอบโลหะแบบ multi-touch
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รายละเอียดสินค้า อินเตอร์แอคทีไวท์บอร์ดแบบโต้ตอบขนาด 95 นิ้ว ไวด์สกรีนกรอบโลหะอินฟราเรด

อินเตอร์แอคทีไวท์บอร์ดแบบโต้ตอบ 95 นิ้ว ไวด​​์สกรีน 16: 9 กรอบโลหะแบบ multi-touch

กระดานไวท์บอร์ดประเภท: แอคทีฟ

ความยาว : ความยาว: 1.801m (รวม) -2m (รวม)

ความกว้าง: ความกว้าง: 1.801m (รวม) -2m (รวม)


Aluminum frame; rear board full of aluminum,

very strong; ultra-narrow border. Border is only

40mm, maximizing writing area

Interactive whiteboard is an advanced human-computer interaction devices used in education and meetings, presentations and other auxiliary industries, it can be used with projectors, computers and other tools to achieve clean writing, random control computer, remote communication and other functions.

Interactive whiteboard with a computer information communication, the whiteboard is connected to the PC, and use the projector on the contents of the PC screen is projected onto the whiteboard, with the support of specialized applications in, you can construct a large screen, interactive type of collaborative meetings or teaching environment. Use a pen instead of a mouse specific location to operate on the whiteboard, you can run any application, you can edit the file, notes, etc. stored on your computer using the keyboard and mouse can achieve anything.

Interactive whiteboard application areas including schools, training institutions, conference presentations, corporate, government offices, military command and so on.


Hardware components:

1 , the use of infrared sensor technology, the four-point positioning, rectangular and trapezoidal projection screen under state can write normal position; whiteboard right side features a carriage; ultra-narrow design convenient whiteboard without installing software and hardware service procedures in case,USB Plug and Play WIN7 system PC can directly support WIN7 system comes with multi-touch and gesture recognition capabilities.

2 , USB connection direct power supply, standard cable length is not less than 6 meters , whiteboard using HID device, without having to install drivers for plug and play

3 , size ≥ 95 inches ( 2058 * 1258 ) , effective induction size ≥ 90 inches ( 1974 * 1174mm ) , show the proportion of 16:10 , resolution 4096 * 4096

4 , the cursor scanning speed of not less than 180 points / sec, positioning accuracy ≤ 0.1 mm

5 , touch operation, finger, pen or pointer can achieve writing (pointer necessary)

6 , the board durable wear, scratches and perforation does not affect use. Back with adjustable positioning rod design , the distance can be adjusted as needed wall components, easy installation

7 , the board has a bilateral shortcuts

Software components:

1 , whiteboard software can Windows2000 , XP , Vista , WIN7 respectively framework, the operating systemdisplays a window or full-screen mode and many other; and in WIN7 whiteboard device automatically recognizes the system to achieve a double synchronous write.

2 , with a gesture recognition: five fingers start the software, two or three fingers drag unlimited roaming; software comes fist erase function; a simple operation can be realized with two fingers to enlarge the picture, reduce and rotate

 3 , the software provides common teaching background, and can be marked on any screen and save, save format involving text, images and other formats

4 , can be DOC, EXCEL, PPT, PDF and other format files directly drag imported into the software, and import PPT can annotate documents in full screen slide, flip and saved , but also in Office office software, motion video or on the web in real-time annotation, annotate and save content to the original document for editing

5 , built-in repository: The software comes with no less than 3000 pictures teaching resource library, library resources, teaching resources are presented as separate disciplines named material, its catalog and content can be added or removed at any

6 , can be heart-painted six or more points a variety of three-dimensional geometry of irregular polygons; layers can be automatically sorted and switching

7 , can be handwritten Chinese characters, numbers, letters, symbols corrected to standard written form; the various irregular pattern recognition for standard graphics

8 , the software supports no less than 50 months of audio and video files and FLASH file synchronization playing, independently of each other

9 , the software can be installed free, deposit removable storage device or from the normal use of the whiteboard

10 , the software has the spotlight and highlight the features and screens within the condenser and highlight the range of objects for editing ★

11 , the process of writing on the blackboard, and sound can be achieved in stages or full simultaneous recording and save it as a standard streaming media format, a quick replay function can be realized, andcan drag the progress bar to adjust the playback progress

12 , software tools are available to customize the display mode and settings shortcuts

13 , the software that comes with the search bar, you can directly search for Internet-related content, and direct calls

 14 , the software supports multi-language versions, including Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Polish, etc.

15 , diagnostic functions: time monitoring whiteboard software and hardware working condition, timely detection and fault reporting to facilitate the service technician to solve the problem in time for the user;

16 , after the whiteboard software installation, common desktop software tool automatically generates the left, the equivalent control button whiteboard software from the file browser DOC, EXCEL, PPT, PDF and other format files directly onto the whiteboard software opens


Qualification and services:

1 , the product through CE , FCC , ROHS certification, and the Chinese Ministry of Education certification test report,

2 , Warranty: offers 3 -year warranty 3 , service response time: 24 hours

4 , providing the product manual and teaching demonstration video discs

5 , Education Resource Library: Library dedicated download site along with the URL to download for free first grade to high school third grade resources in various disciplines


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